Dunstrand Rising - The Beginning

Fate of Pothias

His status grants him power and authority, but Porthias is not a good administrator of organized church business. Rushed into political obscurity, Porthias formally breaks with his church in 9154, abandoning his remaining posts and duties. He travels back to Braddon Bog, stops only briefly for a few months in hiding to catch up with Taqwill and Djuril in 9157, then goes into the north, seeking out the fire cult of Kerrang – whom he seems fixated on. He is never heard from again – not even by his own church.

Fate of sir Farold
Sir farold dead; 9158

The Name of Sir Farold becomes synonymous with courage. As agent of the Duke, he rides tirelessly to enforce the Duke’s law on his land and to ensure his neighbors – trators to the Riverdans, know his wrath. After the death of all his friends by 9154, his will is swung full tilt into the cause of the Riverdans and his family by marriage. He is angry and refuses to be much of a father to his own son. His son was born in 9145, in Cormoranthe. His mother was attacked by a ghoul when he was in the womb, and they say he is acursed. Farold and his wife were on a tour of their lands when they were attacked. His mother was torn from her horse and the ghoul tried to eat her belly but was killed before he could – though she nearly bleed to death. After his birth, his mother never recovered and was always sickly for years. It was said his son was born with a dark stain upon his soul… and Farold was not pleased by either the truth or the rumors. He quests for Sandovhal in 9152 and in 9153 he returns to Dwindor Swamp and searches for the Sandovhal’s daughter. Discovering that she had been taken by forces of Gwinn, he allies himself with the Witch and One-Claw again and assaults their position on the edge of Scar Flow. He rescues her just in time from some foul sacrificial ceremony to the Sea Goddess Elancil. Farold abandons his position and lands in all but name and travels Dunstrand seeking something to fill the hole inside him. For a moment only, he finds peace in Loamwold, skirmishing with the Umbakians. He is accused of breaking the peace in 9158, and wanted by the Umbakians. He falls in with a priest of Gaia named Barkhand, a martial monkish sort and halfling native of Loamwold. Emboldened by his belief that he once again has a cause, he and and Barkhand are assinated while sleeping in an ancient beastwood on the west coast of Loamwold. The Silver Talents of Umbak lay claim on his death – and also claim it was a fair fight that Farold lost in combat, and Barkhand tried to adjure unnatural protection and so was too cut down for his meddling in the duel. There are various accounts of where his remains were taken – some say to Westwick Downs, some say in one of the graveyards of the Order of the Red Heart, others claim his family plot in the city of Tamblin. One rumor even claims his remains are with those of his best friend and mentor when he was young, Father Havier (of Rastur).

Fate of Hap and Kaleb
Hap and Kaleb dead!

In 9152 Sandovhal tells Hap that he has been in repeated contact by letters of certain parties near the lands of his people east of Umbak. Hap and Kaleb leave on a mission to find a bride for Hap. While in transit, they are tracked by an armed party of elves. Hap uses all his skill, and nearly evades them, but in the edges of the Fhayl Forest, they are finally caught. The elves turn out to want nothing more than to tell Hap he has a son. A son from a brief tryst between he and an elven woman in the north. They say his son is not wanted, and push him forward to meet his father. In respect for their role in the north, he was not slain at birth. He has managed to bind his first elemental at a very young age. He is a strange looking child, alien in all sense and possessed of a certain raw and frightening power. They set out back for Cormoranthe, where Hap feels his son will be safe with some of his people and Farold’s family. No one knows their ultimate fate though, as they are confronted by some force on the road. Hap dies first, covering the retreat of Kale and his son. Kaleb also dies, and only Hap’s son lives to eventually end up at the Estate of Farold’s family in Cormoranthe in 9154. After Farold dies in 9158, he leaves his safety there and travels. He returns to Braddon Bog after near 2 years of travel, seeking out Taqwill in the library he visited once before with Farold. He wants to know more about his father.

Fate of Sandovhal
Sandovhal is dead

9152; Marriage does not sit well, though he enjoys his initial retirement as he is close to his precious library. Djuril himself retires to Braddon Bog, a bitter old man. He and Sandovhal (and Taqwill) have many long nights of discussion. His wife has miscarried three times and his spirits are very low – he and djuril form a small information network. He sets out to Lily Glen one week in 9152 to search out rumors of the fire cult once again reappearing there. Djuril and Taqwill worry after a month goes by with no word and they send word to Farold. In 9152 Farold enters the city with Taqwill and Djuril. Within days they discover Sandovhal has been taken captive. In a desperate fight under the city, Farold manages to get to Sandovhal. Sandovhal dies though in his arms. With his last wish, he asks Farold to rescue his daughter from her fate of being the next witch of Dwindor Swamp.


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