Varu Dorma


Played by Charlie Grenier

Human from the Duchy of Rhyl (north), male


Varu grew up the son of a priest of Darupet in the Galdnorean heartlands. The priesthood knew from early on that he had the aptitude to continue his father’s work, but there was also something else, an odd penchant to fixate on things of a magical nature. It cam as no surprise that his request to join the order was accepted, but the holy offices of the Green Church had other ideas than simple community priest. His talent as a ‘witch smeller’ was developed with the assistance of the clergy. He developed additional skills and knowledge in order to better sense and discover the influences of magic. He is used to keep the inner sanctums of temples secure from the prying eyes of wizards and magical spies. The clergy augments his minor talents with items. He has never regretted his decision to act in his role. He has served his apprenticeship in service to the priesthood, managing to continue with his hobby and interest while preserving his faith. He served loyally for years in the temple of Darupet in Dunstrand City. The saw the faire and the marriage of his liege’s son. He had always dreamed of traveling beyond the peaceful setting of Dusntrand, and when the war in the north with Gwinn came he volunteered to go and was turned down many times. Finally, one of the special cases he had been working on, a full elf from the south he had been training and helping to integrate was allowed to go on an important mission and Varu threatened to leave the church if they would not let his do his part. The elders decided to send Varu along with the elf Selil to the west, the remote region of Bar-Innis to go with a band heading north to bring the wrath of Rastur on the Sea Queen. He was given a letter of introduction from the church elders and sent on his way. Varu traveled with Selil to the city of Mev. If it had not been for the stone silence from nervousness of Selil, Varu would never have heard the bowstring snap. Selil was struck with an arrow and dropped while 3 brigands attacked. Varu used one of his items, which he threw around the charging band and bound them together, rolling down the side of the embankment. He rushed to the aide of Selil and bound his wounds. By the time he was done and went to check on the brigands, they had drowned face down in the stream. He buried them, taking their purses and some gear for himself and giving away the rest in the name of Rastur. Under their brigand clothes they all wore the same tabbard – some family colors. He took one with him, and continued to Mev. When he presented his letter to the herald. He was greeted by a half elf named Hareen – surely a sign of the tolerance he hoped to find here. Hareen explained that he and his companions were preparing for a quest, and that they were leaving the next day. Apparently they were not the only ones to arrive this day – Hareen seemed to think that Rastur had blessed he and his group and that allies were arriving all the day before they were leaving – surely there could be no coincidence like that!? Hareen introduced Varu to the group where they questioned him and explained the situation. They even asked directly if there had been any incidents along the way and Varu was able to relate his attack and produce the tabbard of one of the brigands – again the colors of the fallen Lord Culahey.

Varu Dorma

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