Porthias Gunther

PLAYER: Charlie Grenier

Incarna character sheet reference...

Human, Male; Age: 17 (at start); Long brown hair with long sideburns (faith observance), brown eyes, tanned skin, 5’11”, rough looking

Porthias was the son of a land owner in the Vale Evander. His family died in a local epidemic of flu. His lands and property were sold, and Porthias sponsored in the green church at the age of eight. He evinced great courage, but little aptitude for combat in the children’s mocks battles. He gained the nickname ‘little cub’, and was soon studying with the adherents of Rastur. Never one to shy away from a fight, he soon became an example for all. He excelled at his duties of faith – to go out to the countryside and give courage to those who despair. His iron will set an example at harvests, plantings, any time physical labor was called for he never shirked. He and his teacher would stay with a family each season – bringing feline friends and peace to the hearth. He even witnessed his order call forth felines to stop a crop ravaging plague of mice…In time, he was sent into the north, where the Green Church does not have a strong presence. His teacher, father Comron managed to earn the trust of a small Earl in a place called Bar-Innis, in the Duchy of Dunstrand, in the heartlands of Gladnor.

Only his close friends know that Portias has a wound from his childhood which prevents him from running at more than half normal speed. His hip was broken and while normal walking and motion is easy, as is combat for the most part, long strides of running cause him great pain.

Porthias Leaves Bar-Innis

After his mentor, father Comron, passes away, he is lost. He retreats from human contact more and more and is seen less and less as his friends also die. He cannot adapt to the political life and loses his posts and authority. Eventually, he abandons Bar-Innis completely, vanishing into the north...

Porthias Gunther

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