Jim Salle


Born 9125, in the town of Lily Glen to Gus (a wagonwright) and Jinny (washer-woman) Salle. One sister died when he was 9, he has 1 younger sister and an older brother. Jim was entered into many wrestling and combat contests by his father. He eventually got entry into the city watch at age 15.

9142, month 1; The call has gone out with the news of a ‘Holy War’. The Duke of Dunstrand has a general call to arms since the Gwinnish invasion of Dunstrand proper. Every town must send at least one trained man to serve in the regular infantry. you get permission from the captain of the watch in Lily Glen to leave even though they already sent someone. so you just show up with some of the others (about 30 total) from your town at the mustering point and are immediately sent to repel Gwinnish invaders further north in Bar-Innis. You don’t actually get to engage the enemy much – its mostly marching as a show of force.

Sent to Braddon Bog area to fight in the war.

Jim Salle

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