Belim, Son of Hardivan


PLAYER: Eric Swanson

74kg lbs., 5’11”


Belim is a member of a company of dragoons from Dunstrand’s militia, horse supplied by the dragoons’ stable (at a bit of a financial risk) and riding gear (+3 ride). Common born, worked his way into the city guard of Oerdney, thence into the High King’s army, then into his current company. Somewhat ambitious, in a small way. His company is battlefield trained, but gets thrown a lot of odd tasks (some some interesting, some crappy) during relative peacetime. He’s in the Dunstrand area on one of these odd-jobs now (the sort of thing they throw the noobs).

Belim and his unit have worked with rangers in the past – and now a ranger has asked him to go to Bar-Innis. Much has been happening in what would normally be a completely out of the way place, beyond anyone’s notice. However, too much has been happening there and the rangers are worried. Activity always means interest – and by who they want to know. more patrols of Orrish scouts have been followed into Dunstrand coming from the east… are they following the trail of interest, or are they reinforcements for a force already there? The court of the Earl of Bar-Innis is the pace to go. There are a group of bannermen that have sparked a lot of interest – seek them out and join their band. Find out about them and report back. You arrive in the capital of Bar-Innis, the city of Mev on 9140 CY, Month 7, +29 days.

Belim, Son of Hardivan

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