Dunstrand Rising - The Beginning

Fate of Hap and Kaleb

Hap and Kaleb dead!

In 9152 Sandovhal tells Hap that he has been in repeated contact by letters of certain parties near the lands of his people east of Umbak. Hap and Kaleb leave on a mission to find a bride for Hap. While in transit, they are tracked by an armed party of elves. Hap uses all his skill, and nearly evades them, but in the edges of the Fhayl Forest, they are finally caught. The elves turn out to want nothing more than to tell Hap he has a son. A son from a brief tryst between he and an elven woman in the north. They say his son is not wanted, and push him forward to meet his father. In respect for their role in the north, he was not slain at birth. He has managed to bind his first elemental at a very young age. He is a strange looking child, alien in all sense and possessed of a certain raw and frightening power. They set out back for Cormoranthe, where Hap feels his son will be safe with some of his people and Farold’s family. No one knows their ultimate fate though, as they are confronted by some force on the road. Hap dies first, covering the retreat of Kale and his son. Kaleb also dies, and only Hap’s son lives to eventually end up at the Estate of Farold’s family in Cormoranthe in 9154. After Farold dies in 9158, he leaves his safety there and travels. He returns to Braddon Bog after near 2 years of travel, seeking out Taqwill in the library he visited once before with Farold. He wants to know more about his father.


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