Dunstrand Rising - The Beginning

Fate of Sandovhal

Sandovhal is dead

9152; Marriage does not sit well, though he enjoys his initial retirement as he is close to his precious library. Djuril himself retires to Braddon Bog, a bitter old man. He and Sandovhal (and Taqwill) have many long nights of discussion. His wife has miscarried three times and his spirits are very low – he and djuril form a small information network. He sets out to Lily Glen one week in 9152 to search out rumors of the fire cult once again reappearing there. Djuril and Taqwill worry after a month goes by with no word and they send word to Farold. In 9152 Farold enters the city with Taqwill and Djuril. Within days they discover Sandovhal has been taken captive. In a desperate fight under the city, Farold manages to get to Sandovhal. Sandovhal dies though in his arms. With his last wish, he asks Farold to rescue his daughter from her fate of being the next witch of Dwindor Swamp.


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